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 For years now I was struggling with JIRA filters to only see the right tickets. And while `the right ticket` means different things for different people, for me, as an individual contributor, I would like to see the tickets that are relevant and I have or had something to do with them. The challenge comes from the fact that each JIRA instance (and project) can have quite a variety of statuses, like InProgress, In Progress, Development, In Development, Dev, DEV, etc. What makes things even worse is that a ticket can be closed with different statuses, such as Done, Won't Fix, Cancelled just to name a few.

Today, I found my silver bullet in the form of this JIRA filter:

project in recentProjects()
statusCategory != Done 
(reporter = currentUser()
assignee was in (currentUser()) during(startOfDay(-14d), endOfDay()) )

Now let's break apart the above query:

The first condition is essentially a place-holder in case one uses multiple projects in the same instance. I typically don't so instead of recentProjects I can substitute my current project(s) code, like ABC.

The 2nd condition will filter out all tickets that are considered 'Closed' or one of the equivalent states, like Won't Do, Done etc. The beauty of said filter is that as long as a status' category is Done it will work.

The 3rd condition is going to show tickets which were created by me. From an Induvidual Contribution perspective these are few and far between, compared to a Product Owner who probably creates quite a few tickets each day.

The last condition will show tickets where I was the assignee at some point in the past 2 weeks, and they are still not done. That indicates that my contribution was necessary in the past. (E.g. a ticket that was developed by me, but is currently being tested by the QA or getting deployed by devops etc.) This filter is magical since tickets won't disappear from my view as long as I am not the assignee. (My contribution might be necessary again)

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