Bell Home Hub 3000 & Netgear Nighthawk X4S

So we moved recently into a bigger home, and I had to buy a WiFi extender due to the layout of our new place. Since this Netgear device was available with same-day delivery I went with it. Reviews weren't too bad plus I'll only need it for some light browsing, so any basic extender would work. 

What I didn't want is to rent one from Bell for an extra $10 each month. In less than a year I'll be saving money if I'd own the stuff. 

So after the thing arrived, I had trouble making it work for some mysterious reason. The device setup worked as expected and on the Netgear side, everything was green. However, when I connected a device via the Extender, the weirdest thing happened: Right after connection, for a good 5-8 seconds everything was fine. But then no internet connection. I first though it's a fluke in the system, so I restarted every AP in the house, but the same thing happened all over again.

After spending half the night troubleshooting what could be the issue, I've noticed this togle in my Home Hub 3000:

Once I toggled it off, and restarted everything for good measure the problem was gone, just like that.

Since I haven't found traces of this trick on the web I figured I'll create this short post for future generations :D I hope it helps others.

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